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NTK, a fluid handling equipment¡¯s company was establish since 2004. We was start from One(1) Man Company in 2004 and after 12 years of rapid growing, today NTK have almost 30 permanent staffs to cover local as well as oversea sales activities.
Today NTK are actively provide pro-service from fabrications, technical sales & marketing, engineering service, contract maintenance, admin supports, finance to delivery point of usage.
Fields of competence provided by NTK are start from water intake, waste water treatment, building services, semi-conductor industries, power plant, chemical & metal working industrial and drinking water distributions and after sales supports.
With the Professional of knowhow, NTK have developed and growth as local prefer vendors by most of the engineering contractor companies and manufacturers, in this region.
Thank you for the supports given by all customers and engineers and make us successful for together, continuous.
We strongly believe when our customer gain in business mean we win as well.
Be innovative, embracing & uncomising to create value with commitment to total excellence for customers.
Teamwork, sincerity and flexibilties towards total excellence of living environmental.
Mr. T. K. Ng  Company C.E.O. & Founder
Pump, a heart of fluid system, acting like human heart pumping every need to each part of plant.
NTK, one of the most active fluids handling equipment¡¯s company and playing most importance rules and contributed to continuous of comfort life style for our society.
We do play one of the most importance rules in environment control and system, without pumps, all engineering environmental system would not work.
We know, we only can do our contribution and success with supports and opportunities given by all value customers and authorities departments. Without you, we are meanness. With us, we can make success together. 
Thank you for choosing us as part of your team works and business partners.
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